Now offering automatic XML uploads for the following agencies:
CA State DIR
WA State L & I
Multi-State AASHTO

Reduce Your Compliance Risk.

Gain Peace of Mind.

Be sure to read the FAQ before choosing a compliance system.

Reduce Time Managing Your Weekly Payroll by 80%.

The Compliant Client system by eMars is your answer for worry free – time saving compliant payroll.

The system requires no installation or maintenance. It provides immediate, concurrent, real time visibility of all payroll records of the sub, prime, plus - the owner agency. All screens are printable. Every submitted payroll is audited, on line and in real time, against the wage determination and all 30 causes that are in support of Davis - Bacon and Related Acts.

The results of comparisons to the provisions set forth in the act are immediately reported, allowing corrections to be made promptly. A typical payroll is prepared in less than 8 minutes. Compliant Client requires a PC and less than 30 minutes of training. Complete implementation takes less than 1 day after loading the wage determination. Compared to paper and pencil preparation, the eMars system represents an 80% productivity improvement, plus instant recognition of payroll errors that prompts the user how to solve the problems and guarantee compliance.

The system was designed with considerable input from the Department of Labor, agencies and contractors. Compliant Client’s 42,000+ clients have not had any random Department of Labor audits for the past 3 years. The Department of Labor’s Chief of Compliance stated that “…your system already has completed the first level of an audit..”

  • California Compliance Issues
    Take note of these important compliance issues affecting California construction companies
  • All at rest information in our system is encrypted.
    Secure and safe.
  • Be Davis - Bacon compliant
    Watch this video to learn how to be Davis - Bacon Compliant..
  • 30 compliance issues are easily managed
    Every payroll check is monitored for 30 compliance issues.