"Benefits have been tremendous to the point that in addition to ourselves we also have approximately 8000 contractors currently entering payrolls on the system and another 34,000 on closed projects. The system serves to raise the level of compliance and gives us peace of mind that wages paid by us and our subcontractors to their wage earners meets those high standards expected by the USACE and is received by the appropriate parties. The system is extremely user friendly for even the smallest contractors... It also interfaces with those companies which have existing automated payroll systems."

"...serves to reduce travel expenses since payrolls can be viewed from one central location... Subcontractors have come to rely on this system and are completely enamored with the speed and efficiency it provides. One subcontractor was behind several payroll submittals and caught up in 15 minutes... We highly endorse this method of meeting our payroll compliance obligations and this system in particular."