System Features


  • Training offered twice weekly
  • Emars Support will help with the following on boarding processes
    • Project Setup
    • Help with assigning or creating the appropriate Wage Determination
    • Setup of Users
    • Setup of Contractors and Subcontractors


  • Robust security system to provide users with different views into the system
  • Users can be assigned to see all Projects or only specific Projects

Certified Payroll

  • Payroll Entry
    • Manually enter all employees individually
    • Copy from a previous week
    • Import from an Excel
      • Emars will prepare the mapping to import the payrolls for both the Prime and the subs
      • Three clicks upload of payroll data to create a certified payroll from an Excel
  • Emars satisfies the requirements DBRA
  • Emars satisfies the requirements of the Service Contract Act (SCA)
  • Errors displayed in real-time 30 different errors
  • Error messages with remedy for correcting errors on screen
  • SF1444 process of adding new work classes
  • Ability to mark any payroll as “Reviewed”
  • Multiple signature pages to satisfy various States and Municipalities


  • Document storage and simple retrieval of any document
  • Bulk download of Certified Payroll documents
  • Bulk download of all documents in Document Storage
  • Auto-Fill documents (creation of documents required by agency with fields loaded)
  • Private internal messaging for communication to other users or all Users
  • Emars will maintain the Wage Determinations where pre-determined increases are required

Third Party Data Extract

  • Emars can generate payroll extracts for the following systems
    • AASHTO DOT States XML
      • Current states supported AZ,GA,KS,MN,MT,OH,OR,VA,WA
    • California DIR XML
    • Washington State L&I XML

Special Reports

  • 18 Special Reports are available to help with other activities
  • New Reports can be prepared if the data is in the system
  • RMS report can be prepared (but can no longer be uploaded because of USACE changes)

Time Clock

  • Key entry of workers hours
  • Upload of workers hours from time clock
  • Automatic add of time clock data to certified payroll (Matching against daily reports)
  • Discrepancies for daily log shown in real-time

State Specific Features

  • NYC Certified Payroll Documents
  • NYC Hospital Payroll Documents
  • CA DIR XML upload file creation with one click of the mouse
  • CA future wage rates can be entered before the rates become effective and the system will automatically select the correct rate, even when the rates are split between days of the week.
  • >CA forms DAS 140 and DAS 142 ready in the Auto-Fill document section. Other CA documents can be loaded in the Auto-Fill document storage.