About Us (eMars History)

eMars began as Contract Compliance in 1993. The system then was mainframe positioned and was used to process contractor payrolls on HUD housing construction projects.

As the system evolved with the internet the name was changed to eMars, Inc. The process moved through three generations of servers into the existing completely encrypted data version.

eMars enlisted the help of the largest contractor in the state of California to help design a system that would be easy to use and still meet all the requirements of the complicated California’s labor laws. The resulting system is now the most widely accepted certified payroll system used except for the systems required by certain California Agencies and Municipalities.

In 2005 the system was reprogrammed into Microsoft SQL and later Microsoft SQL 2019 and using all the latest Microsoft products. It satisfies all of the requirements of the Davis Bacon and Related Act as well as the Service Contract Act.

Our current volume is between 2000 and 2500 payrolls a day and some days as high as 3000 payrolls. All payrolls processed instantly, signed and ready for inspection by an auditor or the Prime contractor. Payrolls contain anywhere from 1 worker to 6800 workers on a single weekly payroll. Errors, if any, are seen instantly with easy to read remedies to follow for correcting the errors.

We are grateful for the confidence that over 42,000 contractors have put in our system and we are continually working to improve the application and enhance the value to the contractors.